Revealer by Mac Cosmetics

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Idea: Women often purchase concealer to cover up the marks left by domestic violence, so let’s speak directly to them by creating an unassuming piece of Direct Mail that their abuser will never see coming. 

The mail piece will contain a sample of concealer, that once used, reveals a hidden message letting women affected by this problem know that they are not alone and instructing them on how to get help.

Case Study Video

Concealer Sample with the hidden message
Domestic Violence Awareness 1 in 3 women suffer from domestic violence globally. 
If you are being victimized, understand an abusive relationship has a way of hiding the fact that help is out there.
Place this pre-stamped sample. We will support you in taking the first  steps in ending the abuse. 
AD: Caro Latorraca /  Lis Ferreira - CW: Craig pottruck / Sean Broderick
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