After thousands of years of being controlled by cash, Venmo has finally freed mankind from its financial shackles.​​​​​​​
No more counting your change at the counter while people wait impatiently behind you. No more begging your server to accept 16 credit cards for a group dinner. No more handling dingy diseased dirty dollar bills. Venmo lets us transfer money to each other instantly, so we can easily settle any debt without digging through our coin purse. 
Let's spread the word that cash is no longer king. Cashless never felt so rich

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The Venmo Ridiculous Free Cash Machine

To help remind everyone out there just how ridiculous pulling cash out from the ATM feels now that we have Venmo, we’ll place Venmo Ridiculous Free Cash Machines around NY and San Francisco. It looks and feels like an ATM but all it does is ask you if you’d like any ridiculous free cash. If you say yes, we take your photo and out comes your free 100 dollar bill with your face on it.
Dirty Dollar

Let’s have fun with one of the most common instincts we have: grabbing free money off of the filthy ground.
We’ll stick special real looking Venmo dollars around sidewalks in San Francisco and New York enticing people to come pick it up. At first they’ll be disappointed it’s not a real dollar but quickly will be excited to hear that they just gained one in their Venmo account if they Tweet or Instagram us a photo of it with their account name.

Cashless Cash Grab

Remember that game on game shows where you grab all that money swirling around in the air? Well, we want to do that too but since paper money is lame, we’re going to do it with VR. 
We’ll bring Venmo trucks to popular going out destinations like Valencia Street in San Francisco and invite people to try their hand at our Cashless Cash Grab VR game since virtual money is way more fun.
Grab enough and we’ll Venmo you your prize. 
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